About Us

AVISA Medical Practice Management


Medical Practice Management of AVISAMPM (MPM) provides Medical Billing, Consulting and Practice Management Services to Individual and Group practices in a variety of settings (Office based, Ambulatory Surgery Centers and In-Patient Hospital)


Healthcare Information Services, or AVISAMPM, is a physician management company specializing in revenue cycle management and consulting services with three decades of experience working with medical professionals from Orthopedics and Radiology.

Our Executive team, are known for their leadership and expertise in the industry. They ensure AVISAMPM maintains our values of service, courtesy, and professionalism.

Our mission is to support the management side of your practice so that you and your fellow physicians, nurses, assistants, and staff can take care of your patients’ needs.

We provide industry-leading revenue cycle management and billing services to empower your practice with streamlined financial and management operations, and enable you to collect maximum reimbursements for the services rendered to your patients.

We strive to provide open and clear communication with each practice we work with so the services you receive from us exceed your expectations. When something isn’t working, we want to know so we can find the right solution for your practice. We value you as our client the same way you value your patients. You listen to their concerns and problems, and react in kind. When you work with AVISAMPM, we do the same for you.